Oman’s 4th International Stroke Conference

Oman’s 4th International Stroke Conference, scheduled to be held on 16-17 December, 2022 at Kempinski Hotel, Al-Mouj Muscat, would be a major event highlighting the most current Neuro-science and expert experience underpinning Stroke.

Stroke or Cerebrovascular disease is recognized to be the second most common cause of mortality and the most common cause of long term disability across countries. Stroke also contributes significantly to dementia and cognitive dysfunction. Its incidence is increasing in most countries, including the Middle East. There have been major advances in the understanding of stroke mechanisms and methods of management and prevention of Stroke.

This conference would provide a platform for:

  • Reputed Neurologists and Stroke specialists from GCC and many countries to share their vast knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and management of Stroke
  • For Physicians and Medical specialists from various related fields engaged in managing patients with Stroke to participate and benefit from the scientific events.
  • Neurologistis, Physicians and Medical specialists to present posters of their scientific work in the field of Stroke and share their experiences.
  • Networking with a wide international community engaged in the modern management and prevention of Stroke.

We encourage and invite all Neurologists, Physicians and Medical Specialists engaged or interested in the field of Stroke to attend Oman’s 4th International Stroke Conference and make this event a grand success!

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