Oman Stroke Society

Oman Stroke Society is a non-profit, non-governmental and professional organization under the aegis of Oman Medical Association. This Society is dedicated to the advancement of Stroke related Services, Education, Research and Man-power development in Oman.

Within a short span of few years, OSS has been able to develop itself into an organization spearheading the cause of Stroke mitigation and prevention in Oman. With its many activities including CME events, Conferences, and public awareness programs, it is able to contribute to several of its objectives in the field of Stroke.

President's Message

Dr. Amal Al Hashmi BSc, MD, FRCPC

Stroke remains the second leading cause of death worldwide and the third leading cause of disability. Each year around 15 million people suffer a stroke; a third of them will die. Over 80% of all said deaths occur in developing countries. Globally, there are around 80 million stroke survivors; this number is expected to further increase annually. 

411 million people reside in the MENA region. Unfortunately, there is an alarming annual increase in the prevalence of strokes in MENA. What is even more concerning is that stroke occurs in our region 15 years earlier than elsewhere in the world. This implies that strokes will affect much younger people, and they may become disabled as a result.

Complex acute stroke care necessitates multidisciplinary networking. Undoubtedly, battling this killer requires a concerted effort from all levels, including governments, local and international strokes societies and organizations, and industrial partnerships.

Let’s all work together to raise awareness for this disease, facilitate access to stroke care, and improve its outcome.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to develop the Oman as a community free from the effects of Stroke.


  • To reduce the burden of Stroke in the community through Stroke prevention, treatment and long-term care.
  • To strengthen the capacity to reduce the impact of Stroke.
  • To enhance awareness and knowledge of Stroke.
  • To ensure continued renewal of the human potential and capacity to achieve above objectives.

What we do

  • Provide a professional platform for Physicians and Paramedical specialists interested in the field of Stroke.
  • Through this membership, OSA works to enhance awareness and information regarding Stroke in the professional and general community.
  • Advances education and sharing of experiences through continued medical education programs and Conferences.
  • Collaborates to develop protocols and services effective and adapted locally in the community served.  
  • Encourage research in the field of Stroke focusing of the issues relevant to local community.
  • Serve as a resource of information, guidance and experience.